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Let's Explore Trinidad, California! – Guide to the coast and the trails

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Natural Setting

Landforms and geology

Native flora

Weather and climate

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Explorer's Maps


About the maps

Trinidad State Beach

Town of Trinidad

Trinidad Beach and Head

Scenic Drive

Aerial Photos

Aerial photo index

Orick from west

Orick from south

Stone Lagoon

Big Lagoon

Patrick's Point

Trinidad from above

Trinidad from west

Trinidad from south

Orick and the Redwood Parks


Orick Valley

Elk Meadow

Trillium Falls

Ladybird Johnson Grove

The Bald Hills

Big Lagoon Park


Children at play

Sailing on lagoon




View of Patrick's Point

Big Lagoon bar

Big Lagoon surf

Agate hunting

Brown pelicans

Wading birds

Vegetation types

Tule marsh

White egret

Blue heron


Roosevelt elk

Sue-meg State Park


Agate Beach

Surf play at Agate Beach

Agate hunting

Ceremonial Rock

Rim Trail

Rocks in fog

View toward Big Lagoon

Trail to Big Lagoon

Wedding Rock in summer

Wedding Rock in winter

Rocky Point

Boys explore Rocky Point

Harbor seals on rocks

Beach Creek Group Camp

Frisby at Beach Creek

Trail to Palmer's Point

Palmer's Point

Park visitor center

Inside visitor center

Canoe and Sumeg intro

Sumeg FAQ

Sumeg dance pit

Sumeg plank house

Door into plank house

Plank house interior

Sweat house

Trinidad State Beach

Trinidad Beach

View of Elk Head

Trinidad Beach at low tide

Pewetole from Trinidad Beach

Pewetole at sunset

Flatiron Rock

Grandmother Rock

Blank Rock at sunset

The sea arch

College Cove

Blowhole on Omenoku Point

Blowhole on Pewetole

Trinidad and Tsurai

Trinidad Town Hall

Holy Trinity Church

Trinidad Harbor

Tsurai village

Seascape Restaurant

Trinidad pier

Close-up of busy pier

Strolling on pier

Gulls and chicks

Wagner Street trail

Wagner Street trail map

Axel Lindgren trail

View from Lindgren trail

Old Home Beach

Seals near beach

He-Woli Beach

Overlooking Trinidad Bay

Fun and informative links

Trinidad Crab Harvest


Crabbers at sea

Returning from sea

Waiting to dock

A bounty of crab

Preparing to unload

Hoisting crab basket

Unhooking basket

Crabs dumped into bin

Scenic Drive South

Baker Beach

Sotsin Point

Luffenholtz Beach

Camel Rock

Houda Point in summer

Houda Point in winter storm

Trinidad Head Light

Houda Beach

View south from Houda

Neap tide

Sea birds

Intertidal sea life

Houda Falls

Osurg sea cave

Moonstone Beach

Little River Beach

Little River Estuary

Clam Beach

360° Panoramas

Individual 360° Panoramas
Lupines in the Bald Hills
The Trillium Falls Trail
Inside Yurok Plank House
Tidepools below Palmer's Point
On the Megwil Point Trail
View from Omenoku Point
On the Bridge over Mill Creek
The Trinidad Sea Arch
Morning on Trinidad Beach
Trinidad Beach from the Bluff
Kayakers at Launcher Beach
Panorama at Baker Beach

Virtual Walks  (linked panoramas)
A Virtual Walk around Trinidad Head  (6 panoramas)
Panoramas from Patrick's Point  (2 panoramas)
The Trail to Mussel Rocks  (6 panoramas)
A Virtual Walk on Luffenholtz Beach  (4 panoramas)
Panoramas from Tepona Point  (3 panoramas)
Moonstone Beach to Houda Point  (8 panoramas)
360° Panorama Maps
(click on red circle for panorama)
Panoramas in Sue-meg State Park
Panoramas around the Town of Trinidad
Panoramas along Scenic Drive