[Photo of beach]
[Photo of children]

Photos by Jim and Susan Popenoe

Old Home Beach on Trinidad Bay

(Above)  This quiet, wave-sheltered beach is just right for a tranquil stroll at low tide.

(Left)  With its gentle surf, fine sand, and many interesting things to explore, it is a safe and enjoyable place for small children to wade and play.

Most of the beach is submerged at high tide, so be sure to check the tide forecast.

[Photo of starfish]

Starfish are exposed at low tide.

  [Photo of rocks]

See birds and seals on rocks in the bay.

Tsurai villagers launched their canoes into the ocean from here.  Each rock and place has a special name and meaning.  Although it is labelled "Indian Beach" on official USGS maps, Tsurai descendants and most locals call it "Old Home Beach".