[Photo of Houda Point]

Houda Point

Above is Houda Point looking north from Scenic Drive.  Camel Rock is on the left, just offshore.  To the north, we see Trinidad.  With binoculars, we can study the Trinidad Head Light.  Looking south, we see Moonstone and Clam Beach. Steps descend to a split in the rocks on the beach.  Low tide leaves shimmering pools around rocks in the sand. Houda Beach may be also called "Camel Rock Beach" or "Houda Cove Beach".

It is fun to hike the beach to Moonstone at neap tide (minus 1 ft.).  And during the lowest spring tides (minus 2 ft.), we can walk all the way out to the big double-humped rock offshore.  Houda Beach becomes awash and impassable at high tide, so we must always remember to check the tides before visiting this beach.

Houda Point is set aside and protected for public benefit thanks to the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust. There are additional photos of Houda Point and a live-streaming Camel Rock Surf Cam on the TCLT website.

Finally, I always enjoy Chad Johnson's YouTube video – Houda Point, Trinidad, California - Aerial Views.

Photo by Jim Popenoe