[Photo of Patrick's Point and Wedding Rock]

Patrick's Point State Park
by Jim Popenoe

Patrick's Point State Park is a big favorite of all the Popenoes.  Great trails! Great views!  Lots to see and do for kids of all ages!  Agate Beach is wonderful for agate hunting and for playing by the ocean.  And the park is a good place for family camping, including family groups.  Please click on any thumbnail photo or underlined link here for a larger view.

[thumbnail of Palmer's Point] [thumbnail of Wedding Rock]

Let's walk the Rim Trail to Palmer's Point (left) and Wedding Rock (right).  By the ocean north of Wedding Rock, we'll see rocks jutting up in the fog and the view around the point toward Big Lagoon.  Looking south from the Patrick's Point lookout, we'll look down onto Rocky Point.

[thumbnail of rocks in the fog] [thumbnail looking north from Patrick's Point]

We'll climb Ceremonial and Lookout Rocks and visit Sumeg, the re-created Yurok village.

[thumbnail of Ceremonial Rock] [thumbnail of Yurok canoe]

The Patrick's Point peninsula is on a wide marine terrace approximately 250 feet above the ocean. This is best seen in aerial view. Being elevated above the ocean, there are splendid vistas, as you can see in the Patrick's Point collection of 360° panoramas on Roundme.

The park has a nice visitor center near the entrance station and an official web site. There is a detailed park brochure with map that you can download. And ReserveAmerica® enables you to book a campsite online.