[Relief map of Trinidad area] Strawberry Rock [Photo of Strawberry Rock]

Strawberry Rock

Elevation: 836 feet

The photo (above right) is a view looking north from Trinidad Head.  The town of Trinidad is in the foreground.  Strawberry Rock is the big rock behind town on the upper left.  It is composed of resistant metavolcanic rock (Harrell 1982) that formed a "sea stack" out in the ocean at one time.

Strawberry Rock is so big that it stands out on the relief map.  Move your cursor over the relief map to pinpoint and identify it.  It is due south of Agate Beach, midway between Patrick's and Scotty Points.

Note that Strawberry Rock is situated near the seaward edge of a prominent marine terrace.  The terrace step is visible both on the relief map and in the photograph.

There is a rough, muddy trail to the summit on private timber land. A smaller, but publically accessible old sea stack that you can climb instead is Ceremonial Rock in Patrick's Point State Park.

Images by Jim Popenoe